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About LabsMD

Mission Statement

LabsMD provides confidential laboratory testing and personal medical information-direct to the public-empowering individuals to take charge of their own health, monitor their wellness and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease. We maintain a leadership position with outstanding employees, leading technology and a focus on quality. You will receive a higher quality service that is convenient, comprehensive and affordable.

Our Services

LabsMD is committed to providing you quality health information in a private and secure environment. We are a direct access testing program operated by LabsMD. Direct access testing, also known as patient-requested testing, allows the public to initiate management of their health concerns without a physician's referral. Patients request tests and pay for these services on a cash-and-carry basis-without involving third parties like employers and insurance companies. The Internet allows consumers to take an active role in monitoring their health and obtaining medical information.

LabsMD provides confidential clinical laboratory services promoting wellness, prevention, and early detection of disease. We work with some of the country's largest corporations, as well as state and local health departments in organizing and administering health screenings. We supply valuable information to patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health and reducing disability and death from medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and STD's. Through strategic alliances with CLIA Certified Laboratories, we are able to provide top quality, confidential results. These results can be viewed through our secure email system and printed as soon as 24-48 hours from the time of collection.